18 Year Old Thailand Police Cadet Dies, Heart and Other Organs Missing

The story behind the mysterious death of an 18-year-old Thailand police cadet is breaking the hearts of netizens around the world.

Pakapong Tanyakan, an 18-year-old student at a military academy in Thailand, suddenly passed away last month.

The death of Pakapong was explained by the academy as “sudden heart failure”, which roused his family’s suspicions.

Unsatisfied with the academy’s investigation, Pakapong’s parents secretly took his body to a private hospital during his funeral, pretending to continue the ceremony.

Through autopsy conducted at the private hospital, it was discovered that Pakapong’s body was missing his brain, heart, stomach, and bladder.

“When they opened the skull, there was only tissue paper to soak up his blood.”

— Pakapong’s Sister

Doctors also found that his collarbones and his fourth rib on the right were broken and surrounded by internal bruising, which was cause to suspect foul play.

“The doctors expressed that bruising was most likely caused by severe blows and that the broken ribs were not caused by CPR.”

— Pakapong’s Sister

It has been revealed that the military academy has a history of abusing their recruits, and Pakapong had indeed experienced abuse prior to the incident involving his death.

According to Pakapong’s mother, he was once forced to do a handstand on the toilet floor and had to be revived with CPR after going into a shock from that abuse.

Netizens worldwide are hoping for the truths to be discovered and Pakapong’s organs (or at least justice) to be restored to his family.

Source: World Of Buzz