1MILLION’s Lia Kim Is “Embarrassed” After Battling Mina Myoung On “Street Woman Fighter 2”

The dancers duked it out in the most recent episode.

1MILLION‘s founder Lia Kim revealed she was embarrassed after battling Mina Myoung.

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Mina Myoung

If you have been keeping up with Street Woman Fighter 2, you know this season has been one of the most explosive out of the series.

A large part of the must-watch dance show are the “Beefs” and the fascinating history between dancers. Of all the grudges bared on the show, 1MILLION Lia Kim’s torn relationship with once-confidant Mina Myoung stands alone.

Mina Myoung is widely credited as being one of the founding members of 1MILLION and played a foundational role for the team’s success. Audiences, therefore, were shocked to hear that the two had an infamous falling out.

According to Mina Myoung, the crux of the disagreement stems from Lia Kim crediting herself for the choreography that her dancers created. The dancer revealed in the explosive first episode that she and other 1MILLION collaborators were the creators of several choreographies that Lia Kim received credit for such, as Sunmi‘s “Gashina.”

Mina Myoung hit back against the allegations, stating that as a director of the choreography, she deserved to be credited.

All of this came to a head in the second episode when Lia Kim called out Mina Myoung to battle.

The battle was intense, as expected, but rather than the incredible moves both dancers are known for, the two seemed engulfed by their emotions.

In the end, Mina Myoung was declared the victor, but the win was short-lived as judge Monika offered a blunt assessment of both dancers’ performances.


To be honest, it wasn’t very good. I think it’s because I know how good both of you are. Right now, you guys are dancing moves to diss one another, but your emotions got the best of you, and your true skills weren’t shown.

— Monika

After the battle, Lia Kim agreed with Monika and revealed that she was embarrassed for losing control of her emotions and stated she wanted to apologize to Mina Myoung.

What are your thoughts? Check out the full battle below!

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