1st Generation Idol Bada Compliments TWICE’s Jihyo For Taking Care Of Her Fellow Member Jeongyeon

It was a compliment from one leader to another.

Being the leader of any K-Pop group means taking on the heavy responsibility of being responsive to the team’s needs. The duties of a leader can range from introducing the group on television shows to organizing the group during trips. The role is a tough job, but many idols have risen to the task and become icons for leadership. Recently, TWICE‘s leader Jihyo received praise from Bada, formerly of the first-generation idol group S.E.S., for taking care of her members.

Bada (left) and TWICE’s Jihyo (right) | @bada0228 and @_zyozyo/Instagram

Bada commented on a fan’s Instagram reel, which showed Jihyo reaching for her fellow member Jeongyeon‘s hand during the 30th Seoul Music Awards. The moment was incredibly touching since it was Jeongyeon’s first official event after her hiatus from October 2020 to January 2021. Many fans knew Jihyo was taking special care of Jeongyeon to ensure she felt comfortable.

Bada, who was also the leader of her group, was amazed because of Jihyo’s kindness and affection.

I see a lot of juniors. Kind junior, cool junior, immature junior, mature junior…in this video, the junior…she’s really full of love and consideration. While living as an idol member, she’s like a fairy, taking care of not just herself but also her peers as an idol…

– Bada’s Instagram comment

| @twiceluv.once/Instagram

ONCEs, TWICE’s official fandom, appreciated the love Bada showed for Jihyo.

It’s beautiful to see Bada show her admiration for Jihyo despite them being from different idol generations.


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