“2 Days & 1 Night” To Halt Broadcast And Production In Light Of Jung Joon Young Scandal

“We feel heavy responsibility towards our decision.”

On March 15, KBS announced that 2 Days 1 Night will be halting broadcasts and production in light of Jung Joon Young’s recent scandal. As a result, another program will fill in the time slot for the program for the time being starting from this week.


KBS stated that while they considered broadcasting the program after editing out clips in which Jung Joon Young appears, they made their decision due to the weight of the situation and in order to reorganize the entire program.

They added that they felt great responsibility for resuming the show with Jung Joon Young the first time his scandal broke out without properly reviewing the situation. Moreover, they stated their intentions to strengthen their system to prevent similar events in the future.

Despite the fact that Jung Joon Young was involved in the same controvery 3 years ago, we automatically accepted the acquittal he received from the investigations and decided to take him back without thoroughly reviewing the situation and we feel a heavy responsibility towards (our decision). KBS will find a fundamental solution for strengthening the verification system of our cast so that such incidents do not reoccur in the future.


Source: Sports Chosun

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