“2 Days 1 Night” to Officially Return with a New Season Starring Kim Jong Min and All-New Cast Members

Kim Jong Min will be the only returning member.

TV Report recently reported that Kim Jong Min will be returning for the new season of 2 Days 1 Night, which is set to air this December.

According to the report, only Kim Jong Min will star in Season 4 as a returning member, and the remaining members will be newly cast.


It’s been reported that the show will go into filming in November, and the first episode will air in December.

Furthermore, a popular producer of Superman Returns is expected to fill the show with all sorts of different themes.

Aside from Kim Jong Min, actor Yeon Jung Hoon and comedian Moon Se Yoon are also in the talks of joining the show.

Last March, 2 Days 1 Night went on hiatus following the controversies of the former member, Jung Joon Young, but fans are excited to see the show return as it has a history of being a reality favourite for 12 years.

Source: Insight