2 “Marketers” Seungri Allegedly Used In Las Vegas Just Entered Korea… Police Think They Want Their Money Back From Him

They gave him money to gamble, to bypass the law.

What started as the Burning Sun incident has now expanded into an investigation on illegal overseas gambling, not just by Seungri but by other celebrities as well. 1 Night 2 Days stars Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jun Ho have both admitted to participating in illegal gambling and have stepped down from all of their shows. There are suspicions pointed towards other celebrities also participating in illegal gambling.

In another development regarding Seungri’s alleged gambling at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, police believe that 2 Korean marketers that Seungri had contact with in Las Vegas have returned to Korea. Police also believe that these 2 marketers know the frequency of Seungri’s visits to the Cosmopolitan, and how much money he spent and won.

Back in 2014, Seungri sent a message to a business partner stating how he won ₩200 million KRW.

“I won ₩200 million KRW. Come to ‘C Hotel’. I will introduce you to the ‘person in charge’. The gambling benefits are good.

— Seungri

He was also asked how he would take the money back to Korea, and he mentioned how since he was a regular at the casino, he kept the money in a “save bank”.

Police believe these “marketers”, also referred to by Seungri as “person in charge”, help high-roller and VIP customers from Korea and all over Asia. Because of this, police are paying attention to information coming from the casino industry, to see if any other famous celebrities made high-stakes bets at casinos like Mr. K, Mr. Y, and Seungri did.

Police also believe these “marketers” provided money to high-roller customers from foreign countries who want to bypass the United States’ Foreign Exchange Transactions Act. In exchange, the “marketers” would receive a commission based on how much money the customer won. Travelers entering the United States are allowed to enter with $10,000 without declaring it to customs.

Finally, the police also suspect that a reason the two “marketers” returned to Korea is that they are trying to reclaim the money that Seungri borrowed from them while in Las Vegas. Since Seungri recently retired from the entertainment industry and resigned from all of his executive positions, the “marketers” may feel uneasy that the money they were expecting to be returned to them may no longer be available.

According to the Cosmopolitan website, the casino does employ a marketing team specifically for Korean guests. However, it is NOT confirmed that the 3 staff members listed are involved in the incident. Nor is it confirmed that the “marketers” who interacted with Seungri are still employed by Cosmopolitan.

Unfortunately, police are unable to conduct an investigation if the “marketers” do not comply. They are unable to force them into investigation. Because they are foreign nationals, it is also unclear whether they can request a travel ban or arrest them.

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