These 2 Members Of I.O.I Have Still Never Dated Before

Despite their overwhelming popularity, I.O.I members Chungha and Doyeon (Weki Meki) have never dated before!

Weki Meki‘s Yoojung revealed during their I.O.I days that Doyeon has never held a guy’s hand before, much less been in a relationship.


This news is such a shock considering the Jeon Ji Hyun look-a-like ranked #8 on Produce 101 Season 1 and beat so many other girls for a coveted spot in I.O.I.


Chungha, who placed 4th in Produce 101 Season 1,  also revealed that she’s never dated a boyfriend too!


There was someone she texted for a month but the whole thing ended on their first date.


So what will it take for someone to win over Doyeon and Chungha’s hearts? Doyeon once said that she doesn’t have an ideal type but would like someone with good manners and similar values as her.


Chungha stated she’d like to meet someone who is kind and smiles a lot.


Although there has been no luck so far, no doubt these beautiful girls will find the one soon enough!

Source: Instiz