2 Women Violently Beaten Up By 4 Korean Men… Because of Their Hairstyle

They were beaten up because of their hairstyle.

WARNING: The following text contains graphic text and images.

Two women were attacked, with one woman beaten up to the point where you could see her skull, covered in blood, all because they did not embody the “ideal” standards of Korean women. The cause? Both women had short haircuts, and thus the men assumed they were feminists.


On November 13, at around 4 am in a bar near Isu Station in southern Seoul, two women were drinking beer when they noticed they were receiving strange glances from a couple at a table near them. When they asked the couple why they kept looking, the couple just laughed and kept whispering to each other, making the two women uncomfortable.


After some time, their continued behavior led to an argument between the two women and the couple. 5 men, who were not related in any way to the couple, joined in the argument and started attacking the women. The men called them “femi-nazis that I only ever heard about” and criticized their faces and looks.


The male in the couple said “fuck them” and made a motion as if he was going to punch them, but the female held him back. After calling the police, the couple left the bar. One of the 5 men also left, leaving 4 men and the 2 women.


Even after the couple and one of their friends left, the 4 men continued to harass the women, saying things like “since you’re adults, don’t you have better things to do”. The men were also taking pictures of them, which one of the women (A) didn’t appreciate. When she tried to get them to stop, the men ignored her and pushed her aside.


As the situation escalated, the other woman (B) decided to try and take a video of the situation, but a man took her phone away. When she tried to get it back, one man grabbed her wrist and said “don’t fuck around. You were born with a vagina, you can’t even do this? Isn’t what you’re doing taking an illegal secret video?”


The man who took woman B’s phone also pushed her against the wall multiple times, causing her to lose balance. She ended up hitting her head on the floor and when she tried to get up, the man was swinging a chair and threatening her “Are you scared? Who told you to fuck around, you retard?”


“B” couldn’t get up off the floor due to the shock of hitting her head on the floor. As they were leaving the bar, they mocked her while she was on the floor, stepped on her bag, and swore at her.


“A” called the police and didn’t want any of them to get away with their abuse, so she grabbed onto one of the men, who struggled to leave the bar. Another man pushed her violently near the stairs. As the man kept trying to escape, another man kicked “A” so hard, she flew into the stairs and her head hit the corner of a stair.


Due to the force of the kick and where her head hit the stairs, there was a large amount of bleeding from the back of “A’s” head. The men all ran away after seeing the blood while “B” tried to clean up as much blood as possible.


With no time to call the police, she had an employee do so, but the police were not helpful. It took them 30 minutes to arrive on the scene and during the time the police were trying to understand what happened, the 4 men returned to the bar.


The men kept interrupting when “B” was trying to give her account to the police, and told them that “A” fell on the stairs by herself. “A” fell unconscious during this time and was taken to the emergency room.


“A’s” injury was to the point where you could see her skull. She received stitches and treatment but is also suffering from dizziness, headaches, and stomachaches due to anxiety from the attack. She also is currently unable to eat properly.


“B’s” fear of being alone during questioning was huge, as every officer she dealt with was male and the men who attacked her could have easily pretended to be the victim in the situation, saying things such as “we were hurt too, I lost a button” or “My credit card is broken.”


“B” is calling for help from Koreans around the nation, as she is afraid that there will be more victims who are in the same situation as her. A short-haired, vocal, woman who becomes the target of a man with a superiority complex.


Currently, there are 251,114 signatures on a Blue House petition regarding the case, which means the government MUST address the issue within 30 days. The hashtag #이수역_폭행남 (#IsuStation_MaleAssault) also trended worldwide.

Source: Nate