This 2017’s Best K-Pop Song, According To Billboard

Billboard critics and expert writers gathered together to choose the top 20 K-Pop songs of 2017 and number 1 was a big surprise!

While many chart-toppers appeared on the list, WANNA ONE’s “Energetic” was the number one song that caught the Billboard music experts’ ears.

Hand-picked by the viewers, the superband formed by MNet’s Produce 101 came out with an EDM-filled, sophisticated sound and became the K-Pop music scene’s trendsetters.

“Season 2 winners (of Produce 101) Wanna One perfected the sensational formula with their debut release, as ‘Energetic’ utilized the EDM theme pervasive throughout the show, but in a slick, emotionally tinged style that allowed the guys to showcase their personalities and individuality.”

— J.B. from

Selling over 1 million copies in Korea alone, WANNA ONE’s debut album, 1-1=0 (Nothing Without You) received rave reviews from the critics for its quality sound and trendy tunes.

“…’Energetic’ is a pristinely produced, dynamic electro-pop gem that secures its performers as next-generation superstars.”

— J.B. from

No wonder they are sweeping all the New Artist awards in recent Korean award shows!

Source: Billboard