(★BREAKING) First Victim Of 2018 ISAC Rushed To Hospital After Injury

He was rushed to the hospital immediately.

IMFACT‘s Ungjae was rushed to the hospital after suffering a shoulder injury while performing an aerobics stage at the 2018 Idol Star Athletic Championship (ISAC).

Reports of the accident first appeared on social media networks through fans who attended the event and were spectating it. 2018 has not aired yet and is still in the process being filmed. Only fans who were invited as spectators are able to see the events live before the airing.

“???? Ungjae got hurt??? I heard that someone from IMFACT who has blonde hair got injured. But Ungjae is the only one in IMFACT who has blonde hair…”

— @myalice0127

Shortly after, IMFACT’s agency released an official statement, confirming the reports made by fans on social networks.

“Ungjae’s shoulders weren’t in good condition before the recording. During the aerobic portion of ISAC, Unjgae felt a sharp pain and was promptly taken to the hospital where he received treatment.”

— Star Empire

No follow-up statement regarding his current condition were announced and Ungjae’s condition aas well as the diagnosis have not been revealed yet.

Source: OSEN