Here’s Everything You Missed From The 2018 KBS Gayo Daechukje

A show that was jam packed with unforgettable performances.

The 2018 KBS Gayo Daechukje was held on the 28th of December at the KBS Hall in Yeouido and it certainly was a cracker. MCs TWICE’s Dahyun, EXO’s Chanyeol and BTS’ Jin presented dazzling peformances and special stages from many beloved artists.

The show opened with Celeb Five peforming their song “Shutter” and their hit “I Wanna Be a Celeb” with some help from the talented WJSN.

Following this humorous opening, The Boyz killed it with their new song ‘No Air’.

With no time to waste, (G)I-dle hit the stage with a gritty remix of their debut song “Latata” which included a high tempo dance break in the middle. Their stage presence is incredible for a rookie girl group.

The chain of this year’s beloved breakout stars didn’t end there as MOMOLAND followed up with a remixed version of “BBoom BBoom” which had parts of SHINEE’s “Ring Ding Dong” spliced in to the chorus. They followed it up with their energetic track “BAAM” which had the crowd pumping.

Then we witnessed the first apperance of SM Entertainment of the night as NCT 127 took to the stage. At the beginning, they teased out their song “Simon Says” but then broke out into “Regular”. Their dance moves were fire and it isn’t the last of them we’re going to see tonight.

Next up was one of Korea’s new favourite soloists, Chungha, who peformed her songs “Do It”, “LOVE U” and “Rollercoaster”.

After that energetic peformance, we were blessed by BTOB as Hyunsik opened up on the piano before the group unleashed their haunting vocals while performing “Beautiful Pain”.

WJSN then returned to the stage with a mesmerising dance routine followed up by an amazing performance of “Save Me, Save You”.

Hwang Chi Yeol then graced us with his presence as he delivered “The Only Star” with his characteristic powerful vocals.

At last, it was time for the first special collaboration stage. To kick things off, it was a charming cover of Girl’s Generation‘s “Kissing You” performed by Red Velvet’s Yeri, Lovelyz’s Kei, Gfriend’s Umji, Oh My Girl’s Arin, TWICE’s Dahyun and (G)I-dle’s Yuqi. The crowd was wowed by the cute visuals of the girls.

After that heartwarming performance, we were greeted by the intensity of NU’EST W as they displayed their songs “Dejavu” and their more recent “Help Me”.

Then came another stacked girl group collaboration stage. This time it was Miss A’s sexy hit “Hush” being performed by Red Velvet’s Joy, Gfriend’s Sowon, Lovelyz’s Mijoo, Oh My Girl’s Jiho, Twice’s Tzuyu and MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo. This collaboration stage contrasted heavily with the first one as they opted for a sexy concept rather than a cute one.

MONSTA X turned the show abrasve with a fierce performance of their song “Shoot Out”.

Sunmi and her “Secret Unnie” co-star Red Velvet’s Seulgi began to perform “Heroine” and were eventually joined by Wanna One’s Daehwi. Sunmi then finished part one with a solo performance of “Siren”.

So ended part one of the show but there was much more to come. After a quick break, the KBS hall was lit up once more as Norazo had an interesting stage to say the least while performing “Super Curry Cider Man”.

Following that, things moved back to regularity with a performance from Oh My Girl that absolutely slayed. The choreography was beautifully intricate as they showed their songs “Secret Garden” and then “Remember Me”.

Next came the aptly named “Visual” collaboration stage. Got7’s Jinyoung, Monsta X’s Minhyuk, NCT 127’s Jaehyun and Wanna One’s Minhyun sang “You are so beautiful” by Eddy Kim from the Goblin OST.

Our hearts were then melted as Gfriend with the help of a young girl beautifully executed their song “Time For The Moon Night”.

Then came the dancing machines SEVENTEEN who showed their capabilities in both vocals and choreography when performing their songs “Thanks” and “Getting Closer”.

To calm us down and tug on our heartstrings following that peformance, out came Roy Kim whose melodic song “Only Then” had the crowd swaying back and forth. Then Wanna One’s Jaehwan emerged to help Roy perform “Girl”. An undoubtedly emotional performance.

Next up was a monster performance courtesy of SM Entertainment entitled “The Greatest (Of SM)”. Following a nostalgic video package, SNSD’s Hyo opened up with “Punk Right Now” with Red Velvet dancing with her. EXO’s Kai then showed off all his dancing skills in a solo dance break that had everyone awestruck. NCT U then emerged to perform their haunting debut track “The 7th Sense”. They were then partially replaced on the stage by NCT Dream who sang their song “Go”.

All of NCT then combined to perform “Boss”. Red Velvet then took to the stage to peform one of their classic songs, “Be Natural” which segued perfectly in to ther newest hit “Really Bad Boy”. EXO arose from the ground to produce a performance of their song “Monster” with some help from NCT who have mastered the choreography.

Not looking to be outdone by SM, JYP followed that peformance in suit with their own version entitled “Of All Time”. The songs were quickfire in this peformance, starting with TWICE’s Jihyo singing “Coming of Age Ceremony” by Park Jiyoon. Day6’s Sungjin then sang “Bad Guy” by JOO. Stray Kids’ Bangchan and TWICE’s Nayeon then combined to perform the Wonder Girls classic “Nobody”. This was followed Stray Kids’ Woojin and Day6’s Wonpil singing “Again and Again” by 2PM. 

Then a strong vocal performance by Got7’s JB as he performed “Lie” by g.o.d with some help from his fellow JYP artists. Following this, the performance turned towards a more Hip Hop vibe as Day6’s Dowoon, Jae and Young K, Got7’s BamBam, Stray Kids’ Han and Changbin and TWICE’s Chaeyoung performed “Jackpot” by J.

TWICE’s Momo then came on stage with a provocative dance break which led to Got7’s Yugeom joining her on stage to continue the dance. Then members of TWICE and Stray Kids combined for another dance. To end it all in a crescendo, all present JYP artists came on stage to perform Park Jin Young’s “Don’t Leave Me”. What a response by JYP!

Part 2 ends bringing us into the final stretch of this exhilarating show. 10cm opened the third and final part of the show with “Mattress”. Highlight’s Yong Jun Hyung then emerged to sing his song “Go Away”. Finally, the pair combined to sing “Sudden Shower”, a song they collaborated on.

The ever glowing Lovelyz then came on stage to inspire the crowd with their renditions of “That Day” and “Lost N Found”.

Following that cute performance, AOA turned things suddenly sexy with “Bingle Bangle”.

Following this, the show took yet another drastic turn as VIXX turned the mood dark with a spooky intro followed by their song “Scentist”.

Next up was the return of the bubbly Red Velvet who performed songs from their Summer mini album, “Hit That Drum” and “Power Up”. The girls really proved why they’re one of the best tonight.

Wanna One followed by performing their energetic hit “I.P.U”. However, things turned emotional as members received heartfelt messages from their loved ones before they performed “12th Star” with tears in their eyes.

Apink maintained their current gothic chic concept with this performance of “I’m So Sick”

Then, Got7 showed off their duality by performing their new ballad “Miracle” and then their high tempo dance track “Lullaby”.

TWICE featured on an enchanting stage as they regaled the audience with their hits of this year, “YES or YES” and “Dance The Night Away”.

As the show nears its end, BTS including Jin who has been dutifully MCing all night had a massive performance to show us. Each member had a prerecorded performance of their solo song from the Love Yourself series to display with J-Hope performing “Just Dance”, Jungkook performing “Euphoria”, Jimin performing “Serendipity”, RM performing “Love”, performing “Singularity”, Suga performing “Seesaw” and MC Seokjin performing “Epiphany”. BTS ended with an intense live performance of “Fake Love”.

At last, EXO took to the stage to perform their new songs “Tempo” and “Love Shot” accompanied by some stylish dancing by Sehun.

As the grand finale, all the artists came back out on stage to dance along with Kim Yonja’s “Amor Fati”. What a stacked show with unforgettable performances across the board.