Here’s What BTS’s Jin Thinks About The Grammy Awards, Recent Album, And Himself

His answers will leave you soft.

For the “Bangtan News” portion of their 2019 FESTA, BTS talked about their experience at the Grammy Awards, their preparation for the most recent album, and themselves. While all the answers are precious to ARMYs, Jin‘s thoughtful comments about the members left the fans UWU-ing hard.


About his experience at the Grammy Awards, Jin shared that it was “a fascinating place.” The whole experience must have been a dream come true for Jin, because he sounds still completely mesmerized by the visit.

The Grammys… was a fascinating place. I felt like I was in a fairy tale, you know? It was really cool. I really hope we can go on stage at the Grammy Awards someday.

— Jin


Jin also pointed out that he thoroughly enjoyed the performances he got to watch at the Grammy Awards. When the interview asked Jin to pick his favorite one, he hesitated before answering that he loved Camila Cabello’s “Havana” performance.

Uh… They were all so good, it’s hard to pic one… Hm… I’d say Camila Cabello’s performance. I liked it and I remember it because the dancers looked like they were having fun too. It was a really well put-together performance.

— Jin


The interview went on to ask if there was anything special Jin did to prepare for his Grammy experience. To this question, Jin answered playfully and his fans can’t get enough of his cheekiness! Nonetheless, it also showed that Jin truly appreciates RM and wanted to share how hard his fellow member works to be a good spokesperson for the team.

I prepared RM for the Grammy Awards. He’s such a good kid. Thanks to RM, we had a successful first time at the awards.

— Jin


Jin then moved on to talk about the recent album. While his flawless performances on global stages would make the fans think otherwise, Jin confessed that he did have some trouble with “Dionysus” at first.

I really focused on the sitting-down part in ‘Dionysus’ this time. It was really hard to memorize personally. That part requires me to time it right with the dancers, while thinking about what I need to do while sitting down… It was complicated and hard.

— Jin


With that, ARMYs are praising how this “sitting-down part” in “Dionysus” turned out to look on stage. For Jin to seem this calm and confident, when “it was complicated and hard” for him, fans realized there must have been endless hours of practicing and perfecting this choreography.


Jin also talked about the main track, “Boy With Luv”, and mentioned that it actually took the longest to record. His beautiful part that goes “Come be my teacher” threw him off a little bit and gave him some trouble as well!

The title song took the longest to record. The rhythm was hard for me, so I kept messing up. I almost couldn’t sing the ‘Come be my teacher’ part. By the next day though, I became familiar enough with the melody that I was able to sing it correctly.

— Jin


When Jin picked his own part for being the best part of the track, fans believed for a second that Jin is being the classic, self-loving Jin. But his explanation that followed left ARMYs in a state of complete UWU. Jin is a true “hyung” to all the members and they are, indeed, stronger than family.

The best part of “Boy With Luv” is the “Come be my teacher” part. That’s actually when each member does a different move. You can check out how the members show off their unique charms in their own ways.

— Jin


Last but not least, Jin compared himself to a dandelion after discussing the rose that has become iconic for him throughout the group’s promotions of “Boy With Luv”. While he often goes around praising himself as worldwide handsome, Jin went for the most common type of weed when he was asked to compare himself to a flower. Fans were surprised by this choice, but soon understood what he meant by it.

Translations: We thought there were two flowers on stage for “Boy With Luv”, but one of them was actually you! How do you keep yourself looking worldwide handsome all the time?

I was born with it. I haven’t done anything to my face, so there isn’t really a way to explain this. I know that sounds conceited, but. (Laughs)

Whose idea was it to toss the rose?

I’m not sure. It links back to “Boy In Luv” and I held the rose back then too… So that’s the connection, as far as I know.

If you were a flower, which one would you be?

Me, hmm… I’d be a dandelion. If you took your time with it, you’d realize it’s actually a beautiful flower. But it’s also a pretty common flower you see everywhere. For some people though, it could be a valuable flower. Wow, I’m so poetic. (Becomes fascinated)


ARMYs continue to have a blast celebrating the 2019 FESTA with BTS. With brand new contents pouring out each day, BTS’s fans can’t help but fall deeper in love with the members for appreciating them like this!