“2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships” Adds 3 Brand New Events For The Chuseok Special, Including PUBG

PUBG? Yes please.

In celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the Idol Star Athletics Championships, the event has added some brand new events that will be taking place during the bi-annual event.

PD Choi Min Geun confirmed the  3 events that will be added are equestrian (also known as horseback riding), PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and “spacing out”

The new events of equestrian and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be added to the ‘2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships’ Chuseok special. Events like equestrian that require special venues will be filmed at different time and place, not on August 12 at the Goyang Stadium.

We only received applications for equestrian from idols with experience, and those idols are currently being tested by the Korea Racing Authority. We will proceed with the competition if the test results show they are fit to compete. The race will be of an amateur level, not for professionals. The idols and the horses will not be galloping or jumping over obstacles. We will look at the teamwork they have with their horses, at a walking pace. There is a chance that we will halt filming if difficulties occur. I believe there are concerns about potential injuries, but we will prepare to prevent any injuries from occurring.

— Choi Min Geun

For PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, agencies of the participating idols have been working internally to select the best players, and having them train their skills in the game. According to Ilgan Sports, many idols were extremely happy to hear that one of their favorite games that they play in their free time was selected as an official sport.

Finally, the third new event is the “spacing out” event. The event is exactly as it sounds, to find the best at spacing out. MBC obtained the copyright approval from the Seoul City spacing out competition.

Ilgan Sports also reported that Ssireum (Korean wrestling) would be added as an event, however this report was not confirmed by Choi Min Geun.

Source: Newsen and Ilgan Sports