2020 TMA’s Abruptly Cuts Off BTS’s Encore Stage Midway Through

Congrats to BTS!

BTS recently attended the 2020 The Fact Music Awards (TMA) and took home four awards that night.

| @bts_official/Twitter

The four awards they took home that night included Artist of the Year, Worldwide Icon, Listener’s Choice, and the Daesang! This is their third year in a row winning the Daesang, proving their power and influence once again.

After receiving the Daesang, leader RM took the mic to thank fans and listeners of their music.

First off, it’s been a really long time since we got such a classic award called a “Daesang” (grand prize). Just like the award name, it’s a very big award, so we will receive this award with a very big heart. This year, it’s been a difficult situation not just for us, but everyone. We also tried to show that we were working hard in doing various things. Fortunately, we came back with great results and we’re thankful for getting this award. We really thank the fans, listeners, staff members, Big Hit family, and to those who love us and show interest in us.

 — RM

Frankly, this year, not just for us but for everyone, including many artists here that are unable to do offline concerts and have to work in these difficult times. I don’t know how I can dare take this big award in place of all those artists. I want to return the glory of this award to all those artists who are making much with much care in this moment where live concerts are not possible. Next year, we will not forget the place that we stand and just as we have received this Dapsang award, we will strive to spread comfort and hope. Without change, we will become a BTS that can sing and dance with authenticity. Thank you so much for giving us this big love.

 — RM

Afterwards, BTS held their encore stage of “Dynamite” to celebrate their Daesang win. The members were seen smiling and enjoying the stage.

But about midway, right after V‘s part, the audio cut off abruptly. Although caught off guard, BTS showed their professional side and quickly said their thank you’s before going off stage.

Many netizens who saw this were shocked that they would just cut off the Daesang winner’s encore live performance and felt that it was quite rude.

What are your thoughts about the sudden song cut off?