Fans Call Out The 2023 “MAMA Awards” For “Ridiculously Terrible” Camerawork

Fans feel they missed some important moments.

On November 28, the first day of the 2023 MAMA Awards took place, honoring artist’s hard work over the last year. This year’s award show took place in Japan and sparked excitement from the moment it was announced, initially.

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Throughout the years, the MAMA Awards has been home to some of the most iconic and viral performance moments. Many waited in anticipation for this year’s artist performances following the line-up’s announcement, though not everyone was a fan of how it was revealed.

2023 “MAMA Awards” Draws Criticism From Korean Netizens Following Line-Up Announcements

Unfortunately, many netizens have shared they feel that the award show’s camera work took away from what were amazing performances.

For example, during ENHYPEN‘s performance, instead of seeing the group during key moments, viewers at home saw set pieces and wide shots that made it difficult to see small details.

MAMA Stream


MAMA Stream


TXT also fell victim to the accused poor camera work, with fans being given massive audience shots during moments when a close up would have been more appropriate.

During an 18-second clip of TXT’s performance, the camera’s angle changed more than 12 times, with a majority of the shots being too wide to see any details of the performance.

MAMA Stream


With streaming being how the majority of fans are able to see the MAMA Awards, many feel that the show should have made a greater effort to highlight the group’s amazing performances. Some have even said videos recorded by fans in the audience captured the groups better.

Check out the show’s winners below.

The Full List Of Winners From Day One Of The 2023 “MAMA Awards”

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