20th Century FOX officially stands up against Kim Jang Hoon’s illegal downloading incident

Singer Kim Jang Hoon has made the front page of tabloids with his illegal downloading incident of the recently released film Taken 3. 20th Century FOX Film Corporation has announced that they are standing up against this issue of illegal downloading.

On February 25th, 20th Century FOX Korea‘s representative announced, “The situation has been reported to the main office, and we are still in discussion about how to move forward with Kim Jang Hoon’s hard drive containing a file of the film ‘Taken 3.’ Although Kim Jang Hoon claimed that he legally downloaded the film from Open-Net, this is far from the truth. After asking our main office, it is considered copyright infringement and illegally downloading from a website that is not affiliated with FOX.”

Previously on February 24th, corporate organization Open-Net mentioned that Kim Jang Hoon had downloaded Taken 3 in a legal manner as he only used it for his own personal use. Yet, FOX, the owner of the film’s copyright, disagrees with Open-Net’s stance.

The current situation came to light after Kim Jang Hoon tweeted, “I downloaded ‘Taken 3,’ but the subtitles are randomly set in Arabian,” on February 18th.  Since then, many criticized him for possibly downloading the movie illegally, however, the singer did not give a particular response. However, the situation became more serious when Young’s Liberty Union filed a lawsuit against the singer for copyright infringement.

Source: Star News