24-year-old Korean boyfriend hacks the government for his girlfriend

People will do just about anything for the one that they love but one 24 year old took dedication to a new level.

Judge Shin Young Hee of the 3rd Seoul Western District Court ruled on the February 28 that 24-year-old Mr. Park would be sentenced to 6 months in jail suspended for 2 years and 120 hours of community service for violating the protection and promotion of information and communication network use act.

Mr. Park is guilty of breaching a government database and distributing classified results online. The breach occurred back on October 4, where exam results were posted that afternoon.

The results were intended to be released to the public on October 5 at 9 am.

Mr. Park simply breached the Cyber National Exam Center website, found the unpublished list of examinees who passed, and posted it on an online message board.

The court explained what happened and their reasoning behind their sentence.

“Mr. Park broke into a National Information Network to fulfill his own personal desire to know whether or not his girlfriend passed the exam. He also posted a link online that showed the entire list of people who passed.

Mr. Park’s irresponsible behavior created a major social issue and brings into question the credibility of not only him but his profession as a public service worker.

When deciding his sentence, we have taken into consideration that this is Mr. Park’s first offence of any sort, and that he surrendered without any conflict.”

— Judge Shin Young Hee

Source: Shina Ilbo