249 Unregistered Children Are Confirmed To Have Died In Survey — Police Investigating For Crimes

The unregistered children were all born between 2015-2022.

249 out of the 2123 unregistered newborn children have been confirmed to have died.

Unrelated newborn baby for illustrative purposes | Unsplash

On July 18, the Ministry Of Health And Welfare revealed that they had completed surveying 2123 newborn children born between 2015-2022 and whose birth hadn’t been registered.

Reports state that the majority of the children’s deaths were due to illness, but police are currently investigating seven deaths for crimes. The police also revealed that they were further investigating whether crimes were committed in 814 additional cases in which the newborn’s birth wasn’t registered.

Korean Ministry Of Health And Welfare | yonhap news

According to reports, the survey took place after an audit into the ministry revealed a blindspot in which newborn children weren’t protected.

Recently, a mother was charged with murdering two of her own newborn babies who weren’t registered, bringing scrutiny to the government. The babies were discovered after authorities conducted a welfare check on the unregistered children. You can read more about the incident in the link below.

Korean Woman In Her 30s Arrested After Her Newborn Babies Are Found Dead In Refrigerator


Source: wikitree and Yonhap News
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