[★BREAKING] 2AM disbands as two members leave JYP Entertainment

Despite positive reports that the 2AM members would be renewing their contract with JYP Entertainment, it has been confirmed that the members have gone their separate ways.

2AM members Jokwon, Seulong, and Jinwoon‘s exclusive contracts expired in February 2015, and the trio had already been in discussion with their agency in terms of renewal since December 2014. Jinwoon and Seulong had both expressed their wishes to emphasize their acting careers more, while Jokwon wanted to focus on music and musicals.

Unfortunately, it was reported that Seulong has left JYP Entertainment (herein JYPE) and has signed up with SidusHQ, while Jinwoon is nearing the last phase of negotiations with Mystic Entertainment. On a positive note, Jokwon has decided to remain with the agency, renewing his contract with JYPE.

Jokwon has decided to stick with JYPE since he shares a special relationship with the company. The singer was discovered by J.Y. Park in 2001, and has been under the company ever since, training for more than seven years before his official debut in 2008 as part of 2AM. Because of his lengthy time in the company, he has stayed loyal by renewing with the agency who not only discovered him but put time into helping him realize his dream.

On the other hand, member Changmin still has six months left until his contract expires, though his intentions are unclear as to what he will be doing next.

But with half of the group no longer under JYPE, realistically, the 7-year old group 2AM may have disbanded.

An entertainment industry personnel said, “JYPE is different from other companies in that the artist has more voice. If at the end of his/her contract an artist wants to walk a different path they will just cheer them on silently. They supported Jinwoon and Seulong while they were looking for new companies as well. In their heart the two of them are still their artists.”

The entertainment personnel stated that Seulong and Jinwoon’s decision were good ones as well.

A drama personnel stated, “Seoulong has recently been growing himself as an actor and I feel that SidusHQ can really give his career as an actor the needed support.”

On the other hand, Jinwoon still has a passion for music as well as acting. For pursuing both careers, Mystic Entertainment is perfect. Mystic Entertainment consists of three labels, one of which is a music producing company under the name Mystic 89 and the other is an actor management company under the name Family Actors.

The possibility of 2AM working together is low at this point but an entertainment personnel said, “It seems unlikely for now but the possibility is there. It isn’t like the four of them aren’t close any more or that their relationship with JYPE is awkward now. If the four of them decide to, they can always work together again.”

Source: JoongAng Ilbo and Ilgan Sports