2AM’s Jeong Jinwoon Finally Speaks Up About Rumors Of Being In Jung Joon Young’s Chatrooms

He has released his statement.

2AM’s Jeong Jinwoon has finally spoken up about his rumored involvement in Jung Joon Young’s chatrooms where illegal videos were spread. He has denied being involved in them, stating that he was only in a chatroom with him for a variety show.

In a post uploaded to his official fancafe, he directly explained his position on the issue that shocked the K-Pop world back in March.

First, he addressed the reports that he was in one of Jung Joon Young’s chatrooms, explaining that while he was in one, it was only for the variety show they were filming together.

Unlike what was mentioned in the articles, the chatroom that I was in with Jung Joon Young was a Kakao group chat for the variety show. It was something that we could use during the filming if we needed it.

You should have been able to see it on the show. Of course, it was a chatroom that was not used after the show ended.

— Jeong Jinwoon

He then commented about how he doesn’t remember what was said in the chatroom, but he did say he did not participate in anything illicit.

I don’t remember much about it because it has been a while since we talked in that group chat, but I would at least hope that everyone knows that I am not the type of person to laugh at these kinds of things.

If I had really done something like that, I would not have been able to serve in the military normally, and I also wouldn’t have been able to promote normally.

—Jeong Jinwoon

Finally, he apologized for being involved in the scandal, and to his fans.

I am very upset about this, and I am very sorry.

I did not run to the military to escape this scandal. I have always been thinking about how to let you know about this. The more you all waited, the more upset you would feel, so I felt like I have to tell you first.

I would really like it if you all understood my frustration with this too. I am very sorry to my fans who have been waiting for my words, and to my fans who read the past reports about me.

Thank you for reading this.

— Jeong Jinwoon

Source: SPOTV