2AM Members’ Agencies Confirm They Are In Talks To Have A Reunion

After 2PM’s comeback announcement, fans were curious about 2AM as well.

On May 20, Herald POP, a popular Korean entertainment news site, reported that 2AM was possibly coming back.

2AM is a brother group (or rather a twin group) to 2PM as all of the members took part in a contest and were then split into two groups. Considering 2PM announced their reunion and comeback, fans wondered if 2AM would do the same. Well, the wait may soon be over as the groups’ agencies have confirmed that they are discussing it.

| @follow2AM/Twitter

Jo Kwon‘s agency Cube Entertainment told MK Sports, “As far as we know, 2AM’s reunion is being reviewed positively.Seulong‘s agency Jellyfish Entertainment and Jinwoon‘s agency Mystic Story have also stated that they are reviewing the idea positively.

Changmin has not specifically commented on the matter. However, he has been retweeting articles related to a 2AM comeback. All members have been posting about each other on their Instagrams as well.

2AM debuted in 2008 under JYP Entertainment as a four-member ballad group. In 2015, the group left JYP Entertainment but told fans that they definitely did not disband.

If 2AM makes a comeback, it will be their first song in over 7 years since Let’s Talk in 2014.

Old fans can reminisce, and new fans can discover 2014’s “Over the Destiny” below!

Source: MK Sports, Herald Pop and Image
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