2AM’s Seulong Attacked By Haters For Introducing TWICE’s Jihyo To Kang Daniel

He received backlash for his involvement in their relationship.

It was previously reported that 2AM‘s Seulong was the one who introduced TWICE‘s Jihyo to Kang Daniel, which eventually blossomed into a beautiful relationship as the two have been dating since early this year.

Im Seulong and Jihyo were both trainees under JYP Entertainment, as Seulong debuted a year after Jihyo signed with the agency. Kang Daniel and Seulong became good friends during Daniel’s promotions with Wanna One.


With the news of Seulong’s involvement in the two’s relationship, many alleged fans began to leave malicious comments under Seulong’s most recent Instagram page.


They flooded the post with hateful comments as they expressed their anger towards Im Seulong for introducing the two together.


Meanwhile, another group of netizens have begun criticizing the fans who are leaving malicious comments about Im Seulong. They pointed out that Seulong was only a mutual friend and that they should be happy for the new couple.

Source: TV Report