2AM’s Changmin signs exclusive contract to promote under Big Hit Entertainment

After weeks of speculation regarding which agency Changmin would be joining, confirmation has finally been reported.

According to sources, Changmin has officially joined Big Hit Entertainment after leaving his former agency JYP Entertainment earlier in August following his contract expiration, leaving Jokwon the only 2AM member left in the agency.

This year, the contract of the 2AM members reached their expiration dates with Seulong and Jinwoon opting to not renew with JYPE and joined SidusHQ and Mystic Entertainment respectively. Jokwon, however, decided to renew his contract.

Changmin’s contract didn’t expire until the end of July, leaving fans on the edge of whether he will stay in the agency or not.

It is further revealed that Changmin signed a three-year contract with Big Hit Entertainment, an agency that he is familiar with as he promoted under the agency with their artist Lee Hyun (of 8Eight) as the duo called HOMME. Lee Hyun himself also has experienced his group parting ways in a different agencie with members Joohee and Baek Chan leaving Big Hit Entertainment last December 2014 upon their contract expiration, joining YMC Entertainment.

HOMME is continuing to be active as a duo with a concert set to take place in Korea in October.

Source: Daily Sports