2AM’s Jung Jinwoon Alludes To His Past Relationship With Kyungri

“So, is that why you broke up with her?”

On April 15, 2AM‘s Jung Jinwoon appeared on Jung Jun Ha‘s YouTube channel.

Jung Jinwoon on Jung Jun Ha’s YouTube show | Wikitree

On this day, the singer played the ‘Balance Game,’ a game where one is asked to choose a preference between two extreme scenarios.

When asked to choose between “Someone that I love and someone that loves me,” the singer chose to be with the person he loved.

Jung Jinwoon (right), Oh King (middle), and Jung Jun Ha (left) | Wikitree

Jung Jinwoon explained, “I can’t stand it when someone comes into my life and tries to control my time.” Jung Jun Ha then followed up with a cryptic question, “So, is that why you broke up with her?” The idol coyly answered, “It wasn’t just that. This wasn’t the reason we broke up.”

Jung Jun Ha | Wikitree

As Jung Jinwoon was in a very public relationship with fellow idol and star, Kyungri, Jung Jun Ha made it obvious who he was alluding to in his question.

Jung Jinwoon (left) and Kyungri (right) | Wikitree

The former couple acknowledged their relationship in February of 2017. While dating, the two did not shy away from mentioning their relationship and showing affection to one another. It was then a big shock to fans when the couple announced that they had broken up in May of last year.

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Source: Wikitree