2AM’s Seulong sheds light on disbandment rumors

After long years of performances to be accepted as one of the most loved groups in Korea, 2AM’s recent inactivity and agency changes brought up rumors of them disbanding.

Unlike their brother group 2PM, 2AM excels at vocals and performed songs that concentrated on each individual members’ voice. The group had many expectations as Jo Kwon joined the group after his eight years of training time.

The group’s beginning was also different from many others at the time such as Girls’ Generation or MBLAQ. Most groups at the time showed their uniform choreography along with their bright and fast paced songs that were easy to be remembered and followed. 2AM on the other hand performed songs that were slower and sometimes sad and longing but definitely great songs that will live on as history in the industry.

The rumors of the group disbanding started rising with the member Im Seulong left JYP Entertainment for SIDUS HQ. In response to the rumors, Im Seulong had his chances to clarify the situation during an interview following his drama’s finale.

He was first asked how he feels without his fellow members, to which he responded, “We meet each other frequently outside of performing. Not only that, I really have no one to meet other than the members outside of work. With Jinwoon who is the youngest, we sometimes meet at night after our schedules to have a beer or two talking about music. Jo Kwon lives in the building right next to mine so we meet frequently. In the case of Changmin, we haven’t met each other for a little while so we’ve been on the phone quite a lot. Unlike how things look from the outside, all the members get along well with each other and we are all relaxed.

The interviewer asked about the current situation of having activities together despite being in different agencies. Seulong shared, “Well, since it’s been asked, I do think there is a little difference between the two situations. However, like I just said, it’s just a thought nothing more or less. If we didn’t have the same chemistry we had back then and didn’t get along, we would have disbanded our group earlier. There is no reason for us to keep it in and hide it. Therefore I would like say that we all get along very well once again.

I had personal interests in different aspects of the entertainment industry and that’s really why I changed agencies. In terms of 2AM’s performances, since Jo Kwon is in JYP Entertainment, it is possible that we produce our performances there but it is also possible for us to do it here at SIDUS HQ. 2AM’s activity is really not a problem. Just like how the members of g.o.d and Shinhwa are doing, despite being in a different agency they all get to work as a group without a problem and that’s what I believe for 2AM.

The four members spent their brightest years of their lives with each other under the name of 2AM and now, being a little independent, the members discover new interests of their own. Undoubtedly, the adventure is theirs and it does not stop them from growing into amazing artists.

Source: Daily Chosun