2nd Generation Idol Surprises People With A Tour Of Her Luxury Apartment And Unexpected Famous Neighbor

She gave a tour of her luxury apartment.

Former SISTAR member Soyou recently revealed her luxurious apartment, which she pays an impressive amount of monthly rent for.

Soyou | @soooo_you/Instagram

On August 1, the YouTube channel STUDIO SUZE uploaded a video showing the inside of Soyou’s apartment in Hannam-dong, Seoul. The host Jang Sung Kyu entered her house and was immediately fascinated by her grand shoe collection.


He then woke the sleeping singer and talked about her luxury apartment. According to Soyou, the apartment isn’t available for purchase—it can only be rented out. Jang Sung Kyu then mentioned that he looked up the monthly rent for the apartment beforehand, and he was shocked by what he found.

As soon as I saw this house, I looked up the monthly rent. I was shocked. This place is on another level. Among the previous guests, Car, the Garden lived in the house with the highest rent, but Soyou easily surpassed that.

— Jang Sung Kyu


In a previous episode, the singer Car, the Garden revealed his apartment with an estimated monthly rent of ₩8.00 million KRW (about $6,210 USD) and gained much attention.

When Soyou commented that her rent was similar, Jang Sung Kyu asked her, “Wasn’t the rent here ₩12.0 million KRW (about $9,320 USD)?” Soyou described that the rent depends on the apartment type but that she lived there for five years, so the price he mentioned may be slightly raised.

Rents very depending on the type, but I lived here for five years. Now the price is raised.

— Soyou

Jang Sung Kyu then shared that many people move into the apartment but leave eventually because they can’t handle the expensive rent.


Soyou then showed Jang Sung Kyu different parts of her house, and the host admired the spaciousness of the home. He was especially impressed by the stair climber machine worth around ₩7.60 million KRW (about $5,900 USD) in her living room because he had never seen this in a house before.

Soyou shared that the stair climber machine is great for getting rid of bloating in the morning and is the best for burning many calories at once.


Later, while looking out the living room window, Soyou warned the production team, saying, “You can’t film this side.” When asked why, she revealed that it was because Yoon Seok Yeol, the president of Korea, lived in front of her. She added that security guards are in her apartment, leaving everyone astonished.


When asked what she likes about her apartment, Soyou stated she loves it because it’s quiet. She revealed that she wants to buy this apartment but can’t because it’s not for sale. She also revealed that she looked at 27 other apartments before choosing this one.

| @soooo_you/Instagram

Soyou released her second mini-album, Summer Recipe, on July 26. The title track, “ALOHA,” features her fellow SISTAR member Bora.

Watch the full video of her house tour here.

Source: Wikitree and STUDIO SUVE/YouTube