2NE1 Recounts The Challenges That The Younger And Older Members Faced During Their Debut

They debuted in 2009.

2NE1 recently made headlines for their appearance at Coachella 2022. The former YG Entertainment group reunited to perform “I AM THE BEST” in front of a packed crowd for the first time since they disbanded in 2016.

Prior to hitting the stage, the girls spent several days together preparing for their performance. On the way to one venue, they reminisced about their past and how they debuted at different ages.

Watching that time now, you look just like kids. We had bold and fierce looks when doing ‘Fire’ but looking at it now, we look like babies.

— Dara

2NE1 | 2NE1/YouTube

CL commented on their maknae‘s early debut, saying, “Minzy started very young.”

Minzy | 2NE1/YouTube

The said member was only 15 years old when 2NE1 debuted in 2009. Born on January 18, 1994, she debuted thanks to her incredible dancing skills and steady vocals. Because of this, she was exposed to the fast-paced and demanding culture of K-Pop while only being a high school student.

We all started at such a young age but Minzy was even younger.

— CL

CL also brought up the fact that Bom and Dara debuted at much older ages than them. Born in 1984, they were 25 years old when “Fire” was released.

You guys debuted in your mid-20s. You were my age now when we were in our prime.

— CL

While debuting young had its hardships, being older also came with its fair share of difficulties. Dara, for example, temporarily left her budding career in the Philippines to become a trainee at YG Entertainment.

You started after you’d been through so much at that time. In a way, you guys debuted once again.

— CL

CL was full of praise for her unnies. She emphasized how great they were for having the perseverance and courage to debut.

I think you were incredible doing it with much younger ones.

— CL

To Dara and the rest of her members, the few years that separated them did not matter.

Age differences never bothered us.

— Dara

Check out CL’s full vlog below to see their Coachella journey.

Source: YouTube