2NE1 Reminisced On The “Old Times” While Preparing For Coachella, And They Loved Being Together Again

They missed each other!

2NE1 surprised fans in Coachella with their first group performance together since they disbanded in 2016.

They had schedules as a group again while practicing their hit song “I AM THE BEST.” Here, the members couldn’t help but comment on how great it was to be together once again.

Prior to their performance, CL visited Dara in her hotel room. After joking around about the latter’s racy lingerie…

…they sat down for a short break. CL explained how she can tell the difference between being alone and being with her members.

Compared to being alone, it feels so different since you came.

— CL

Dara opened up about how great it was to be with Park Bom while in between schedules.

When I was on Uber with Bom earlier, it was just like old times walking around. Somehow it feels familiar, like coming here all the time. So it’s been interesting, really.

— Dara

It was even better that they were able to meet up abroad after several years of quarantine due to the pandemic. According to Dara, “It’s been two and a half years [since I could] travel abroad because of COVID-19 so I was excited.”

Best yet, no matter how long it’s been since 2NE1 disbanded, the members felt as close as ever.

CL: Were you more comfortable because you were with Bom?

Dara: Right, it’s the same.

Check out CL’s full Coachella vlog below.

Source: YouTube