2NE1 Members Send Congratulatory Video Message For Dara On “Video Star”


It’s been a long time coming, but she’s here now! 2NE1‘s Dara was announced as a permanent addition to the popular talk show, Video Star! Dara has been a guest MC for multiple episode for the past couple of months, frequently begging the producers to make her a permanent MC.


What better way to congratulate Dara on her final success than a supportive video message from her former members, Bom, Minzy and CL?!


Park Bom showed off her usual cheery self as she congratulated her best friend.

“Hello, this is Park Bom.

I heard Sandara became a regular MC on Video Star! Wooo! Congratulations!”

— Bom


Minzy also expressed how happy she was that her unnie was becoming a regular MC on one of her favorite shows!

“Hello everyone, this is Gong Minzy.

I love watching Video Star on a regular basis. Congratulations so so much! I hope you look forward to MC Dara’s synergy with the other members.”

— Minzy


Lastly, CL wished everyone a happy new year and asked them to invite her to the show!

“Dara unnie, congratulations on becoming an MC on Video Star! Soohyun unnie, Sook unnie, Narae unnie, and the viewers, I hope you all have a blessed new year, and please invite me one day too!”

— CL


Touched by her members’ messages, Dara thanked them with all her heart and wished the same for their fans!


Congratulations to Dara on becoming a permanent MC!