2NE1’s Minzy Posted A New Photo On Instagram And Netizens Claimed She Got More Plastic Surgery

Here’s a comparison photo.

2NE1‘s Gong Minzy uploaded a stunning new photo on her Instagram where she charismatically posed for the camera in a simple black graphic shirt and sunglasses.

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News reports covered her new photo, claiming that she’s gotten prettier by changing her makeup style.


But netizens claimed that Minzy’s visuals didn’t change thanks to her makeup but new plastic surgery. They criticized her beauty and claimed her face had changed.


But photos of Minzy from years before show that she literally looks exactly the same besides the fact that she’s wearing less eye makeup in her latest photo.

Left: Minzy (2017), Right: Minzy (2019)


Sometimes haters just hate queens living their best lives… You just go ahead and ignore them, Minzy!

Source: My Daily