2NE1 and Orange Caramel make an appearance on Billboard’s “Girl Group Week” poll

On Billboard‘s “2015 Girl Group Week” poll, 2NE1 and Orange Caramel reach the TOP3 in multiple categories thanks to dedicated fans and their voting.

Billboard published their poll for “2015 Girl Group Week” on March 3rd with a three day duration for voting. Among their many nominees for the poll, two Korean idol groups made an appearance in the top rankings.

For the category “Favorite Girl Group Album,” 2NE1’s Crush ranked #1 in votes. In 2014, the same album earned 22% of the votes and the percentage has risen up to 32.5% percent this year. Additionally, 2NE1 ranked #1 in the category “Most Promising New Girl Group” with 45% of votes.

Orange Caramel, on the other hand, obtained first place in “Most Underrated Girl Group,” holding 50.2% of the votes.

Competing with some of the most popular girl groups such as the Spice Girls, Fifth Harmony, and t.A.T.u., 2NE1 and Orange Caramel shows that K-pop today has a large influence around the world.

In addition to their name appearing on Billboard’s poll, 2NE1 was also recently named a winner for the 2015 YouTube Music Awards.

Source: Billboard