Park Bom’s Representative Addresses Concerns Around The Singer’s Now-Deleted “Transformation” Picture

Fans loved the new look, but were concerned for her health.

2NE1 Park Bom‘s now-deleted Instagram post had fans worrying about her health.

2NE1’s Park Bom | @newharoobompark/Instagram


In the now-deleted post, Park Bom showed off her newest hairstyle “transformation”: the Japanese “Hime Cut” hairstyle.

Fans loved the new look, calling it one for “the history books.”

But aside from the new hairstyle, which perfectly framed her face, some netizens grew concerned as they realized there were bandaids on Park Bom’s collarbones.

The singer had previously shared other pictures of her using bandaids in the same location, including one from ten weeks ago, causing netizens to worry that she could be dealing with a serious health issue.

Although Park Bom has since deleted the post, her representative told Star News on March 7, “[The bandages] are not because she has wounds or scars on her collarbones. Thereโ€™s nothing wrong with her collarbones. Theyโ€™re patches of โ€˜pressure tape.โ€™ She uses pressure tapes with small metal balls on her collarbones to massage/drain her lymph nodes.โ€

Example picture of pressure tape | Gmarket

These types of pressure tape are typically applied to pressure points on ears to “reduce chronic pain, alleviate stress, and help with weight loss, among myriad other potential health benefits,” according to Everyday Health.

When asked about potential thyroid issues or other serious health concerns, Park Bom’s representative reassured fans, “There is nothing wrong with Park Bomโ€™s health.

You can listen to Park Bom’s recent song “Remembered” here.

Source: insight and Everyday Health

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