2NE1’s Sandara Park Gets Real About The Cosmetic Procedures YG Entertainment Made The Members Have Before Debuting

It showcases the harsh reality of the K-Pop industry!

Surgery and cosmetic procedures are one of the most controversial topics within K-Pop, but idols are becoming more and more honest about the industry’s relationship with beauty standards.

Recently, 2NE1‘s Sandara Park shared how cosmetic surgery impacted the group before debuting.

2NE1’s Sandara Park | @daraxx/Instagram

Since debuting, Sandara has showcased her visuals, talent, and charisma in everything she does, whether it’s part of 2NE1, her solo activities, and also when appearing on variety shows.

On July 18, Sandara appeared on JTBC’s program Salty Dangpo and fellow idols Chae Rina, Narsha, and ITZY‘s Chaeryeong. During the episode, the idols spoke about their experiences in the industry.


Yet, while discussing their K-Pop journeys, the conversation unsurprisingly turned to the topic of plastic surgery. While it is often seen as taboo to discuss, it has been very controversial amongst fans.

Soloist Narsha didn’t hide the use of surgery in the industry, even explaining that her company asked her to get plastic surgery a week before she was set to appear on a music show.

Soloist Narsha | @narsha81/Instagram

While Narsha was from a smaller company, the idol explained how “jealous” she was watching female artists from larger companies perform with beautiful outfits.

Considering how big YG Entertainment is, it’s not surprising that Sandara shared just how much the company focused on image, adding, “We invested a lot in our music videos and outfits. 


Yet, what surprised the guests was when Sandara spoke openly about the surgery she had before the group even debuted.

According to the idol, the members of 2NE1 were practicing hard to prepare for their debut. Yet, a month before their debut, they were told to visit a dermatologist.

We poured a lot into our training and such, but a month before our debut, we were suddenly told to visit a dermatologist. So, we went, and we ended up getting fillers.

— Sandara Park


Of course, while it isn’t unknown that idols get surgery, the fact the members had to do it before even debuting is the sad reality of the industry. Although the procedures weren’t huge, it would’ve been a lot for trainees and showcased the harsh expectations idols would be held to with their visuals.

Source: Nate