2NE1’s CL joins Vine

2NE1’s charismatic leader, CL has joined Vine!

Within a couple hours, CL has already over 4,000 followers although she has yet to post her first vine on the account. Her account is verified on vine and her default picture is the same as those on her other social media. In her description, she writes, “Watch #Thebaddestfemale http://t.co/Hwqqs703Bm” which links viewers directly to her popular solo single.

CL is not the first idol to join vine as hip-hop group Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) created a group vine last year and posted their first Vine on January 20th.

Blackjacks are patiently anticipating the star’s first vine as her follower count continues to grow. It seems that as CL is gearing up for her US debut, she is creating ways to interact with international fans!

Meanwhile, the singer recently returned to Korea after spending a great deal of time in the US preparing for her solo album under super star manager Scooter Braun. During her time there, she has been teasing fans, posting photos with Black Eyed Peas’ will.i.am and Taboo as well as revealing the major US producers (Jake Troth and Erik Hassle) she has been working with.

Check out and follow CL’s Vine account to keep up with the idol as she prepares to make a major career transition!