2PM Announces Plans For A Comeback With All 6 Members And Fans Are Freaking Out

“Go Crazy” over this news!

Almost all of the members of 2PM have been discharged from the military and they plan on blessing their fans with a comeback.

With the upcoming military discharge (March 20, 2021) of member Junho, JYP Entertainment made an announcement regarding the group’s comeback.

With the members serving their military duties, 2PM as a whole group has not had a comeback since 2016, so the fan’s hearts are exploding over the group’s comeback news.

Though the group has not been active as a whole for a while, they have always remained in the spotlight. Especially with several younger groups covering their 2015 hit song “My House.”

2PM shared with their fans, “With all of the members together, we will greet you with good content. Please look forward to a 2021 that is full of 2PM.

Fans are excited to finally have all 6 members on one stage again. Check out the hilarious and exciting comments under their Twitter announcement:

The fans are ready for 2PM! We Can’t wait for what’s to come in 2021!

Source: Naver