2PM Helps Build A Garden For A Family In Need

Members of 2PM helped makeover a home on in order to help a family in need have a new garden.

2PM’s Nichkhun and Chansung made a special appearance on JTBC‘s reality show My House Has Appeared and joined actor Lee Jung Jin in helping to remodel one lucky family’s home. The two were the first ever idol guests on the show and explained, “we are here to help one of our good friends Lee Jung Jin.”

During the show, Chansung and Lee Jung Jin were tasked with moving a large rock from the garden. 2PM’s members are known as beast-dols but, Chansung called out to Lee Jung Jin to explain why he couldn’t move the rock.

“We don’t consider ourselves beast-dols anymore but it seems like we can’t call ourselves beasts either.”


Chansung could not lift this rock by himself, so he enlisted the help of Lee Jung Jin.

While Chansung and Lee Jung Jin were busy in the garden, Nichkhun decided to create a painting for the family. After painting for a while, he suddenly exclaimed that his picture could not be broadcast.

As Chansung and Lee Jung Jin came into the room where Nichkhun was painting, they could not help but laugh after seeing Nichkhun’s artwork.

The production team honored Nichkhun’s wishes of not broadcasting his painting.

Check out this clip of 2PM’s members working diligently to build a garden on the show below:

Source: Mydaily