A GIF Of 2PM’s Junho Doing A Flip In Mid-Air Resurfaces—Here’s Why

The OG “acrobatic” idol!

Ever since their debut in 2008, 2PM has been known for their impressive choreographies that often feature their insanely amazing acrobatic abilities, and Junho recently gained attention for his acrobatic moves!

Junho | JYP Entertainment

At a past concert, Junho can be seen in a white formal shirt, formal pants, and dress shoes. In this outfit, Junho does a flip in the air…

…and lands perfectly on his feet, even giving an extra performance of a half-kick!

| @le2jh/Instagram

While many fans worried about doing acrobatics and unsuitable clothing and shoes that would not absorb any of the shock, they were also appreciative of how perfectly he executed the moves…and has done so many times before!

Back in 2013, Junho even suffered an injury while practicing acrobatics for performances, and fans are glad that he’s healed now, and can pull off such moves with ease!

  • He looks like he’s really flying
  • These are the kids who made a name for themselves as acrobatic beast idols hahaha
  • It’s dangerous for my heart.

Junho recently starred as the male lead of the K-Drama The Red Sleeve, and as much as he kills his acrobatic performances, he’s also slaying as an actor! Here’s to more great moments in his career!

Source: The Qoo