A Clip Of 2PM’s Junho, GOT7’s Mark, PP Krit Amnuaydechkorn And Other Top Thai Stars Has Fans In Awe

So many worlds collided!

Fans have been going wild for the unexpected moment between huge K-Pop and Thai stars at a recent event!

On Thursday, November 9, the ICONSIAM, a mixed-use business development that includes hotels, residences, and a massive retail area, among other things, celebrated its fifth anniversary with a star-studded event.


While it was expected for many Thai stars to attend, like the newly debuted twelve-membered group BUS

…but many were surprised to see some K-Pop idols in attendance.

Junho and Mark appeared at the event and became hot topics for their visuals.


2PM’s Junho

As you can imagine, as the special guests, a lot of focus was placed on them. This resulted in a video attracting attention for the sheer star power found within it.

Seated together were Junho, actor and singer James Jirayu, Mark Tuan, actor and singer PP Krit, actor “Billkin” Putthipong Assaratanakul, and actor NonkulChanon Santinatornkul. 

(right to left) Junho, actor and singer James Jirayu, Mark Tuan, actor and singer PP Kritt, actor “Billkin” Putthipong Assaratanakul, and actor “Nonkul” Chanon Santinatornkul. 

A wider shot revealed “BluePongsatorn Tangwancharoen and “BrightRapheephong Thapsuwan were also seated in the iconic line-up.

(far left, from left to right) “Blue” Pongsatorn Tangwancharoen and “Bright” Rapheephong Thapsuwan

Many were excited to see these stars seated next to each other as a sort of Boys Over Flowers moment.

Others couldn’t help but talk about finally seeing Mark and PP Krit beside each other. PP Krit is known to be a huge fan of GOT7, making this a big, successful fan moment for him.

We can only hope for more interactions between this group!