2PM’s Junho Is Making Netizens Swoon With His Behavior Towards Girls’ Generation’s Yoona While Filming “King The Land”


2PM‘s Junho has made netizens swoon and hearts flutter with his behavior towards Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona during the filming of King The Land.

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Throughout the series, netizens couldn’t stop swooning at the chemistry between the two idols, whether it was before their love blossomed into that “Hot AF” kiss in the recent episode.


Even in editorials from the duo, netizens couldn’t get over their chemistry, and it even led to dating rumors between the two.

Although both companies denied the rumors, it doesn’t mean that their interactions won’t have netizens swooning.

Like all K-Dramas, JTBC always makes sure to treat netizens to some amazing behind-the-scenes footage. Unsurprisingly, it was full of adorable chaos and showcased why netizens love Junho and Yoona so much!



In particular, during one of the scenes, the duo was filming a scene in the bedroom. While the cameras were filming or the crew was getting ready for the scene, both Junho and Yoona were perfect professionals, even though it could easily have been uncomfortable…

Well almost!

Yet, the moment that caught fans’ attention came after Junho carried Yoona onto the bed. While the camera crew was setting up for the next scene, Junho seemingly noticed something on Yoona’s face and, without a fuss, quickly wiped it away so it wouldn’t be an issue for his fellow idol.

When the video was released, it wasn’t surprising that netizens couldn’t get enough of the interaction between the two idols. Although the cameras weren’t rolling for the K-Drama, Junho made sure to help Yoona and couldn’t help swooning over his gentleman-like behavior.

As always, Junho proves to be a true gentleman. Although it was a small gesture, it was definitely heartwarming and was enough to make netizens swoon.

You can read more about the show below.

Netizens React To Girls’ Generation’s Yoona And 2PM Junho’s Passionate And Steamy Kiss In Recent “King The Land” Episode

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