2PM’s Jun.K Tests Positive For COVID-19

We hope he gets better soon!

2PM’s Jun.K has confirmed positive for COVID-19. According to JYP Entertainment, he took a self-kit test on April 19 and immediately took an additional rapid antigen test, resulting in a positive test. Below is the official statement.

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. We are here to inform you that 2PM’s Jun.K has tested positive for COVID-19. After confirming positive through a self-test kit, he immediately received an additional rapid antigen test, confirming a positive result.

Jun.K has completed the third dose of the vaccine and currently is experiencing mild sore throat symptoms. He will stop all schedules and focus on treatment according to the guidelines of the quarantine authorities. We will do our best for a speedy recovery as artists’ health is our top priority.

Source: star news