2PM’s Lee Junho Praised For How He Handled Airport Crowd

He is a walking green flag.

2PM‘s Junho (also known as Lee Jun Ho) is gaining praise for his actions at an airport.

2PM’s Lee Junho in “King the Land”

Junho recently traveled to Japan to perform his 2023 Arena Tour “Mata Aeruhi.” He returned safely to South Korea at Gimpo International Airport on Monday, August 7.

Naturally, fans were excited about Junho’s return. So, he was met by a crowd.

International fans online expressed their concern about safety and security in the situation. It appeared Junho was surrounded. Yet, Junho’s response to the situation also gained him praise. He expressed concern for others in the crowd, particularly a child. He stopped and signaled for people to look out for the kid.

Netizens pointed out that while he himself was tired after performing and traveling, he was still conscientious of others. It proved just how kind and considerate he really is.

Junho has a long history of such behavior. No matter the situation, he always displays genuine concern for others’ well-being, whether it’s his co-star, staff, children, etc.

Junho is literally a walking green flag.

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