2PM To Make A Comeback In Japan With Mini Album “With Me Again”

They are finally back for their Japanese fans!

2PM will be making a comeback in Japan this September with a new mini album! JYP Entertainment released a video online titled, 2PM is BACK, announcing the release of a new Japanese album.

The video reveals the group promising the fans that they would return during their concert from 2016. The video ends with the phrase, “2PM is BACK 2021. 9. 29 Mini Album WITH ME AGAIN”, bringing attention to long-awaited fans.

The group recently released their seventh full-length album, MUST, with all members for the first time in five years. This album topped the Japan iTunes and Tower Records charts right after its release proving their popularity in Japan.

Stay tuned for more updates on their upcoming Japanese album, WITH ME AGAIN, scheduled to release on September 29.

Source: mksports