2PM’s Nichkhun Reveals The Real Reason Behind Why He Decided To Become A Trainee In Korea

Nichkhun opened up about what actually led him to become a trainee under JYP Entertainment.

2PM‘s Nichkhun recently revealed what actually led to him joining JYP Entertainment as a trainee more than 12 years ago!

On the most recent episode of Eric Nam‘s podcast K-Pop Daebak, Nichkhun talked about his casting story, where he revealed how he was street-cast in the US for his visuals, and also opened up about the whole audition procedure that he went through!

In this episode, he also revealed some never before divulged information- why he actually ended up going to JYP Entertainment in 2006, even though he previously had no intention of ever becoming an entertainer.

Nichkhun revealed that after passing the audition, he initially just went along with it because he didn’t really have any other plans for his future, and was a bit lost back then.

Actually, my head was just blank back then. Like, I didn’t have a future. ‘Cause..towards junior and senior year…I was actually getting out of line.

Not really showing up to school, hanging out with my friends.


He then opened up further about that time of his life, hilariously revealing that he used to cut school not to party or cause trouble, but to go play badminton with his friends!

It wasn’t even like partying or like…bad things. I was hanging out with my friends playing badminton. It’s so stupid to me.

I ditched school to go play badminton in San Gabriel.


Nichkhun then revealed that his decision to move to Korea as an idol trainee was cemented with his father’s approval and advice, as well as the guilt he felt for all the trouble he believed he was causing.

Yeah, I was getting out of line. I wasn’t really going to school. And my dad was like, “You gotta go. This is your chance to turn your life around. You got to go.”

And at that point, I was really guilty for being bad that I had no say in the matter. So that’s the reason why I came. I was being a bad boy. I was really naughty.

Playing badminton.


Nichkhun was street-cast in 2006 in the US, after which he passed the auditions to become a trainee at JYP Entertainment. He managed to win a spot on 2PM’s final lineup, debuting as the visual of one of K-Pop’s biggest boy groups in 2008!

Thank goodness Nichkhun decided to take a leap of faith and become an idol in Korea!

You can watch the whole episode here!