2PM Ok Taecyeon’s Parents Still Handle His Finances Even In His 30s

No wonder his net worth is so great!

By the time we have reached even teenage, we want independence more than ever. So, one might get a job to have spending money or save up for the future, no longer concerned about asking parents for money.

For some, this isn’t necessarily the case. Instead, even if they make their own money, they will entrust someone older and wiser with managing funds. Sometimes, it’s their own parents.

2PM‘s Ok Taecyeon revealed in a recent interview that his parents continue to manage his income even into his 30s.

Ok Taecyeon

It’s not unheard of that Taecyeon’s parents manage his money. He debuted in 2008 as a member of 2PM when he was 19. So, back then, he entrusted money with his parents and previously shared about it.

This remains the case, though. In a recent interview with Star1, Taecyeon promoted OCN’s upcoming mystery-thriller drama Blind, set to premiere in June.

Since he had mentioned previously that he only lives off of allowances, Star1 asked him if that was still the case. He shared, while laughing, that although he’s in his mid-30s, he still receives an allowance from his parents as they manage his finances completely.

My parents are in charge of my finances, so they manage my money for me. I’m 35-years-old (Korean age) but still live off of allowances.

— Ok Taecyeon

Taecyeon with parents.

Due to responsible money management and over a decade of hard work, working as both an idol and actor, Taecyeon has earned notable net worth. Taecyeon is also a businessman which should come as no surprise since he studied Business Administration.

According to popularnetworth.com, Ok Taecyeon’s net worth sits at an estimated value of 1 to 5 million USD, with a big part of his wealth from his decade-long career as a celebrity.

Interestingly, fameranker.com noted that the South Korean star’s fortune as a singer is around 1,378,000 USD, with an estimated salary of 407,160 USD.


In 2013, he launched OKCAT in partnership with chat application KakaoTalk. Since its launch, they’ve sold stuffed animals, skincare, etc.

I’m so happy to be able to showcase to everyone this character that my fans loved so much. With the strength of everyone’s support, I will do my very best. Thank you.

— Ok Taecyeon

Taecyeon is a brilliant man indeed! Due to his wisdom, he will remain very successful in life.

Source: Star1 & Naver and KDRAMA STARS