The Members Of 2PM Lovingly Praise Their Junior Group Stray Kids’ Performance Skills

They are so supportive of each other!

2PM has made their successful return with their seventh-studio album MUST! To discuss the album’s music, creation, and inspiration, the members of the group recently held a press conference.

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While the members talked shared several intriguing details on their new album, one other thing that caught many people’s attention was their mention of Stray Kids.

2PM’s junior group Stray Kids was brought up when the members were asked which junior group has been catching their attention lately. In response, Chansung commented, “I don’t think there are groups that are similar to us, since every group has their own style.

2PM’s Chansung | Newsen

Chansung shared that one group that has shown off their own unique style is their junior group Stray Kids!

Our juniors Stray Kids really caught my eye. I want them to succeed.

— Chansung

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Jun.K agreed with Chansung’s comment and also praised Stray Kids for their amazing performances and skills.

As a performance-oriented group, I think they are showing great performances .

— Jun.K

2PM’s Jun.K | Newsen

Not only is 2PM supportive of Stray Kids, but Stray Kids have constantly praised their senior group back as well. More recently, Stray Kids’ Lee Know recently showed his support for 2PM through a recent Instagram post. In his post, Lee Know wrote in the caption, “Awesome, awesome so cool 😍 Hyungs fighting!!!!!💪💪.”

2PM’s Wooyoung even replied back and commented below the post, “You even monitored us? T-T” and “Thank you so much, seriously T-T.

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