2PM releases 5th Japanese Album “Galaxy of 2PM” online in Korea

2PM‘s most recent Japanese album Galaxy of 2PM, is now being released online for South Korea!

Galaxy of 2PM, which will be available on the music streaming sites MelOn and Genie, will be the fifth Japanese album for the senior JYP Entertainment group.

The album debuted at number one on Japan’s weekly Oricon Albums Chart which, hopefully, the Korean audience will enjoy just as much. The album contains 12 songs, including the Japanese version of their last Korean promotional song, My House.

2PM has been actively working in the Japanese market with their Galaxy of 2PM tour, which spanned over several months and ended in June. The group seems to be focusing more on Korean activities as member JUN. K is currently promoting his first solo Korean album, Mr. No♡. 

2PM’s most recent Korean comeback was over one year ago and encountered difficulties; the music video director cancelled production due to his relationship with a competing artist, resulting in a short promotional period for 2PM.

Who else is eagerly anticipating their next comeback?

Source: JYPnation Twitter