2PM shares first official teaser photos for comeback “Gentlemen’s Game”

2PM has graced us with their very first teaser images for their upcoming album, Gentlemen’s Game.

Fans are patiently waiting for 2PM’s comeback, since it has been 1 year and 3 months since their last album promotions. They recently showed their appreciation for their fans with a fun 8th-anniversary surprise quiz on their homepage along with the release of a teaser schedule of their upcoming return!

The first set of teaser images features members Wooyoung and Junho. Gentlemen’s Game will be their sixth studio album, following the release of their fifth studio album, No.5, in June of last year. It is also highly likely that “Promise” will be the title track of their upcoming promotions.

In related news, fans will get to see the beastly idol group hosting on SNL Korea 8.

Be sure to check out the game and be sure to keep track and mark your calendars for the scheduled events on their official website.