2PM’s Taecyeon Hosts A Live Broadcast Following Wild Sex Story Allegations

The wild story involved a JYP idol and a club bathroom.

2PM‘s Taecyeon is attracting attention after holding a live broadcast following some wild, sex-related allegations made about him online.

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On February 3, YouTuber Stephanie Soo shared a new video in her Something-Something mukbang series. In this video, viewers were encouraged to submit confessions, and she and her co-host read them aloud and reacted.

| Stephanie Soo/YouTube

During the latest episode, a user sent in a story about meeting a handsome stranger at a club, which ended in a surprise twist. After dancing for a while, the anonymous submitter claimed that she and the stranger went to the club’s bathroom and had sex there for an entire hour. The following morning, the submitter claims she received a text message containing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and mistakenly thought she was getting fired from her job before her friend pointed out something in the PDF.

She showed me the logo on the corner of the PDF, and there were three letters. JYP. At this point, she’s pointing at it and I’m even more confused.

— Stephanie Soo reading the submission

| Stephanie Soo/YouTube

The anonymous user says her friend then showed her a video of the submitter and the handsome stranger from the night before and recognizes him. Allegedly, it was a “JYP idol from an older but still ridiculously popular group.

A clip of this portion of the video was shared on Twitter, leading to viewers attempting to figure out who the “confession” was talking about. Of JYP Entertainment’s entertainment roster, two groups were brought up the most as guesses: GOT7 and 2PM.

GOT7 | Mnet

2PM | @follow_2pm/Twitter

In particular, 2PM’s Taecyeon was brought up many times, as it seemed like the story took place before he departed from the company. Even more surprising than the story, it seems Taecyeon responded to these allegations during a live stream!

Three days after the story went viral, Taecyeon went live on Instagram from the gym to chat with fans while working out.

| @taecyeonokay/Instagram

During one part of the live, Taecyeon reveals that he was browsing the internet and saw some questionable things, apparently referring to the confession and following allegations directed towards him.

| @taecyeonokay/Instagram

I was working out and checking out the internet, and there was so much nonsense, hahahaha.

— Taecyeon

Taecyeon is known to lurk on Twitter, and has replied to fans many times without being mentioned, so fans quickly deduced that he was likely talking about the wild sex story! Taecyeon even went the extra mile to deny the allegations, posting on his account that he “goes to a dance practice, not clubs.”

Fans think he was hilarious to deny the allegations this way.

Taecyeon has been in a relationship with a non-celebrity since 2017, which you can read more about below.

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