2PM’s Taecyeon Has Officially Been Discharged From The Military

Welcome back, Taecyeon!

2PM‘s Taecyeon, who enlisted in the military on September 4, 2017, has officially completed his mandatory military service today, May 16, 2019. He is the first member of 2PM to finish his military service.

Over 500 fans were in attendance to show their support for Taecyeon, and many of the fans were foreigners.

During his meeting with the reporters who attended, he explained just how much he missed his fellow 2PM members.

I couldn’t keep in touch with two of the members (Jun.K and Wooyoung) are in the military. I will meet with Nichkhun later. I did see Chansung during my service. The members came to visit often. Junho was so busy with his dramas and tours that he didn’t come once though.

I missed the 2PM members. There are 2 members in the military right now but I really missed the others. I hope all of our beloved members can get together soon and show off our cool image.

— Taecyeon

Taecyeon also showed his appreciation for all of the fans who attended by providing a coffee truck for them!

Fellow member Chansung celebrated Taecyeon’s return on Twitter, saying “Taekini-hyung is here!!!”.

Not only did he celebrate on Twitter, but he also went to see him in person!

Taecyeon received high praise for his work ethic in the military. He has also received praise for his dedication to Korea, as he received surgery to correct his poor back condition so he could serve in active duty.

Earlier in the week, Taecyeon’s new agency 51K confirmed that he would continue to promote actively as both an actor and with 2PM, even though he left JYP Entertainment.

Source: Mydaily