2PM’s Taecyeon Proves It’s Possible To Promote With Your Group Despite Being In Different Companies

“When I left the company, it wasn’t like 2PM wasn’t 2PM anymore.”

2PM recently made their long-awaited comeback with their seventh studio album MUST.

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In almost five years, 2PM has finally made their comeback and Hottest (2PM’s fans) could not be happier! In light of their return, the members of 2PM held a press conference discussing the album, their return from their military duties, and working as a team despite Taecyeon‘s departure from JYP Entertainment.

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The members of 2PM conveyed how happy they are to be reunited and making music together again. The members also discussed how they were shocked to discover how much attention they were receiving during their military duties, especially with their 2015 hit “My House.”

‘My House’ surprisingly received lots of love last year. When I discharged in January 2020, many people informed me that ‘My House’ was gaining a lot of love. The song was put out in 2015, and I’m very happy that it has been loved by so many people five years after its release.

— Jun.K

Jun.K | Newsen

Junho added that he was also shocked and loved the attention his fancams of “My House” received. Taecyeon commented, “I believe the algorithm of YouTube contributed to the revival.

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Out of the album’s 10 songs, Wooyoung, Jun.K, and Taecyeon contributed to seven of them. Wooyoung, who wrote the melody and lyrics of the album’s title track “Make It” commented, “I’m grateful that ‘Make It’ got picked to be the title track.”

The members responded sincerely to my songs, and while preparing and recording the album, I tried my best to the end with the earnestness that I would create the best results for these people, just by looking at the members who believed in me and followed me.

— Wooyoung

Wooyoung | Newsen

As for the album’s concept, Taecyeon shared that, now that the members are in their 30s, they plan to present a new type of sexiness than what they showed in their 20s.

This is my first album after I entaring my 30s. I was 29 when we released the last album. In my 20s, we felt a little more youthful, ambitious, and passionate. It wasn’t limited to sexy, but the album itself showed the 2PM at that time. At the start, we presented showy, youthful energy with fresh themes and acrobatics, and we highlighted the kind of sexiness that came out of our 20s. I think we are able to showcase a different kind of sexiness only in our 30s.

— Taecyeon

Taecyeon | Newsen

Another new thing 2PM has shown is that it is definitely possible for groups to promote together despite some members being at a different agency. For those unaware, Taecyeon left JYP Entertainment back in 2018 and signed with actor So Ji Sub‘s company 51K.

I find the most essential thing is communicating and having trust with one another. For me, I departed from JYP Entertainment and became part of a new company, but the most important thing is how we think of each other. We always showed understanding and consideration for one another’s situations as a family would rather than work colleagues. So even when I left the company, it wasn’t like 2PM wasn’t 2PM anymore. I believe it’s possible to continue group promotions even after changing agencies as long as you’re proud of your group and your members are understanding.

— Taecyeon

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Many groups have departed or decided not to renew their contracts with their agencies but promised to remain as a group. Of course, fans always trust their idols but it is still a scary thought. Now that 2PM has joined together for an amazing comeback, it definitely proves it’s all possible!

Source: Newsen